remember where we come from, to know where to go

La vallée éternelle is a sacred place, one of the very first sanctuaries of human life on Earth, a World Heritage Site. The ancients say that the secrets of its beauty lie in its water, its purity and its mysterious ability to protect and guide all living creatures for millions of years.

Under the shelter of the vallée éternelle, we have made one of our first fires, shared our first stories and imagined our future, more than 50,000 years ago.

Over the millennia, this place reminds us where we come from, who we are, it regenerates us and makes us happy. We have always returned to it, as if we were at home, protected by one of the largest natural and sacred shelters on Earth.Our ability to imagine the future has allowed us to travel the Earth in search of a better life.

At first we thought the Earth was infinite, but we soon realized that it was very small - that's what astronauts feel when they go into space and see the little blue dot, the Earth - they realize that everything depends on it - it's a transformative experience.

We only remember the value of life after we've moved away from it.

That's what is happening to us now, because of us, the wonderful living paradise we knew is rapidly disappearing and separating us from it. This separation is only the confrontation with reality, the awakening that today leads to our transformation, this moment in our history, obliges us to look deep within ourselves and find the solutions to move forward. Failure is only a step towards success

When life is at stake as it is today, everything is at stake, evolution is no longer enough, we need a profound transformation of our civilization.

Five times in Earth's history, life has flourished, but events have caused its extinction - the last time was 70 million years ago, when a comet hit the Earth and wiped out 90% of life, including the dinosaurs.

Today, our perception of the World and our behavior have precipitated the sixth mass extinction and our civilization as we know it is dying out, but does this mean that it is the end or the beginning of another more intelligent one?

Many civilizations have disappeared and have been replaced by others. A civilization has a life cycle, like everything else in the Universe, a star is born, it lives, it dies, we live and we die.

Earth is a paradise that welcomes us for a short stay. Some of us may still have 20,000 nights to sleep under the stars, others 2 before we leave, we don't have time to miss the reason why we are here: to live and be happy.

We have always come back here, as if we were at home, to feel protected under one of the greatest natural shelters on Earth, to remember where we come from, who we are, to regenerate ourselves and be happy...

The transformation is a natural process, the caterpillar devours the leaf it is on until there is very little of it left.  We have done the same, we have consumed the physical resources of the Earth.

But once the caterpillar has consumed the leaf, it stops, and begins its transformation into a chrysalis capable of transforming its behavior, a multicolored butterfly emerges, it flies and feeds on nectar.

It is not the strongest who survives, but the one who uses his natural intelligence to transform himself.

We are now in the third phase, the return, we return to our home, Nature.

This is the moment of the dream and the transformation

We ask ourselves: if I had a second chance, what would I do? The answer is written deep inside our cells and is very simple, I would live and be happy

this moment is here.

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million litres of pure spring water created each year
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