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To be happy and immortal, have been part of dreams since the dawn of time. The history of la vallée éternelle is full of examples of longevity records. It defies time and points the way to the future.

Today's research on longevity is based here on science's observation of the genius of life, trust in its knowledge, and the innovation that is inspired by it. Real wealth is not just money in the bank. It depends on well-being, on the harmonisation of multiple types of wealth of life and shared experiences, all dependent on Nature.

Leonardo da Vinci understood this "in nature everything always has a reason - if you understand this reason, you no longer need experience".

For example, Wild bees have been concentrating the active healing powers of forests, flowers and rivers for 70,000,000 years in an extraordinary elixir: honey.

Like a wild shield, the result of 100 million years of research by bees for their longevity, it is able to increase our natural defenses, immunity and longevity. In sanctuaries of life, bees live in their homes, hundred-year-old tree trunks, with their families and regenerate the biosphere all around. "The bee is a sun on Earth".

The honey of la vallée éternelle, is not for sale but can be booked by making a donation which serves to preserve the forests for the regeneration of bees, and consequently of ours, in circular mode, what we take we must give it back so that the cycle of life can continue.

La vallée éternelle is a regenerative pharmacy.

Plants concentrate 3 billion years of adaptation and solutions - natural therapies are the best approaches to prevent but also to cure the majority of our daily ills - to date more than 200 active ingredients have been identified in the plants and trees of the Eternal Valley, scientific research continues. plants provide our body with the substances necessary to maintain its vital balance. as a general rule, if a food is not naturally created in our vegetable gardens or in Nature, it is better not to eat it.

Our health depends on the Earth's biodiversity - biodiversity is the basis of all life and refers to biological variety in all its forms, from the genetic makeup of plants and animals to cultural diversity".

Nature is the most powerful shield against attacks from viruses, batteries, pathogens. Efforts to develop effective drugs or vaccines depend on understanding how the virus overcomes the immune system.

The coronavirus has been the host of several species for thousands of years. It does not affect these species because they live in the most efficient immune system: Nature. Without this training, our defence system regresses, we weaken and become the prey.

The coronavirus is an opportunity to understand and rethink our relationship to life. Infectious diseases are spreading faster than in the past, due to the acceleration and increase of global exchanges and the artificialisation of soils, urbanisation that must not only be stopped but we must now convert concrete into wilderness.

The solution: "to regenerate at least 30% of the Earth's wilderness now" Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

The more natural habitats are destroyed, the more contact between wildlife, domestic animals and humans intensifies, the higher the risk of transmission of pathogens between species by an infectious agent.

The more we now create new natural habitats, and help the the Wild to regenerate, the more we strengthen ourselves.

Scientists have been warning for years: Helping Nature to regenerate itself has become the key to regaining our natural resilience, strength, health and longevity.

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million litres of pure spring water created each year
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