Learn and use real magic

Archaeologists have discovered in the heart of la Vallée Éternelle, what could be one of the very first magic wand, probably created 34,000 years ago. this wand, kept in the British Museum in London, is extraordinary, there is nothing like it in the whole archaeological archives of Western Europe

Just as Harry Potter learns magic from wizards at the Hogwarts school, school children come here to marvel at the magic of life, use it to invent their new world and be happy.

We depend on nature for every bite of food, every breath we take. We thought we were at the center of the world, yet we are part of the world. We thought there was Man and Nature, yet we are one. Everything we know is made of water, air, soil and receives energy from the sun.

The elements are the founders of everything.the living world works essentially with solar energy, plants capture 3,000 billion kilowatts per day, 20 times the needs of our entire civilization, today we know how to capture this energy. In less than 20 years we are able to power everything with the sun, and the sun will never send us a bill.

Entrepreneurs, private and public organizations come together here to access knowledge and use the genius of nature in their businesses, projects, lives and enable them to develop their potential.

These experiences are organized here or on video...since its creation 17 start ups have been launched - 620 children, 1700 students access its knowledge - 7 international universities are involved.

The project and startups are backed up by the French Tech ecosystem of the French Ministery of Finance and Economy.

la vallée éternelle is a partner of many innovation gatherings around the World

and for at the launch of the film Artifishial de Patagonia.

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Positive impact

millions of protected wild bees
tonnes of C02 removed from the atmosphere
hectares of protected natural land
tons of pure oxygen created each year
hectares of protected old-growth forests
start ups
online friends
students, 7 universities
endangered species protected
million litres of pure spring water created each year
conferences - 13 countries
years of scientific exploration