innovate around the fire

Wherever we went on the planet, we took two things with us, language and fire.

As we roamed the rainforests, we picked up the embers of fires and sheltered ourselves from the torrential rains.

When we colonized the Arctic, we took the memory of fire and recreated it in sandstone vessels filled with animal fat.

Darwin considered these two discoveries to be the most important for humanity.

There has never been a more powerful catalyst than fire in our transformation - fire has the power to bring us together, fire makes us human.

We gather around the fire to warm ourselves, to share our stories, to laugh, to savour the present to imagine our future.

Sharing our stories, especially in dark times, has always been a regenerative and renewing activity. As we experience the loss of our connection to the earth, we share stories that explore these timeless connections to the earth in order to innovate.

Making fire is a kind of spiritual experience.

As soon as it is lit, the fire becomes alive, we cannot go back to the past; we must witness the birth of the flame, as well as the birth of our new history. It is the fire that commands, we only try to find out how to use it, but it always controls the game and teaches us humility, the condition for open-mindedness and our next transformation.
Doing something so primitive to find ourselves and reinvent our civilization around one of the first fires on Earth is magical, our senses are solicited, our desire and creativity are increased.

We are united to accelerate the regeneration of life on Earth and use our natural intelligence.

It is going to take a lot of courage, to unleash our power of imagination and reconnect with natural intelligence and science.

here's the master plan

Make a little fire

Gather around to create a better World

Share the knowledge and solutions on video so that we can all do it at home, everywhere on Earth.

Regenerate life by creating 1 billion sanctuaries of life and new jobs in 10 years.

Make a little fire on Mars.

Don't tell anyone.


"What we do in the next few years will determine the world for thousands of years to come"

Sir David Attenborough

The symbol of la vallée éternelle represents the activation of our imagination to regenerate life on Earth, together, around the fire.

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Positive impact

millions of protected wild bees
tonnes of C02 removed from the atmosphere
hectares of protected natural land
tons of pure oxygen created each year
hectares of protected old-growth forests
start ups
online friends
students, 7 universities
endangered species protected
million litres of pure spring water created each year
conferences - 13 countries
years of scientific exploration