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We all have a little "vallée éternelle" in our hearts, a magical place in our childhood memories.
la vallée éternelle is a place, but it is also the dream we have of the Earth, of paradise and our promised land.

That's why we support the creation and multiplication of sanctuaries of life in the world so that we and our children can once again marvel at the birth of a dragonfly, discover enchanted kingdoms in the hollow of an old tree, taste the freshness of pure spring water, go to a bird concert at sunset, understand reality...

"the best way to make dreams come true is to wake up".

Our planet and its inhabitants are under threat.

In the past 50 years, the world’s human population has doubled, and we are using the Earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate. Natural habitats are being destroyed and wildlife populations have fallen by 60%.

Many species are endangered or already extinct – and if we don’t reverse climate change, mankind could also join that list.
Global biodiversity funding is estimated to be up to USD 91 billion annually – it sounds a lot but to reverse biodiversity’s decline by 2030, research suggests the world needs to spend up to ten times as much for the next ten years.

Public sector funding is not likely to increase soon so it’s up to all of us to act, whether as philanthropists, investors, business leaders or individuals.

La vallée éternelle supports the IUCN World Youth Summit - to help the world's youth work together to protect nature, our future.

You can join the project and participate by donating directly from this site.

The BENEVITY programme participates by enabling employees to directly accelerate the creation of new life sanctuaries on earth.

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Positive impact

millions of protected wild bees
tonnes of C02 removed from the atmosphere
hectares of protected natural land
tons of pure oxygen created each year
hectares of protected old-growth forests
start ups
online friends
students, 7 universities
endangered species protected
million litres of pure spring water created each year
conferences - 13 countries
years of scientific exploration