Innovators, politicians, economists and scientists .... come together here to create together.

Sandrine Rudaz composed the soundtrack for the eternal valley, featuring the voice of Julie Elven , interpreter of music from League of Legends, Warcraft and Tomb Raider, played by the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.

You can listen to it and the valley playlist on Spotify.

To celebrate their discoveries, their advances in understanding the world and its origins, scientists are gathering here, as they did 100 years ago, under the great shelter.

Drinking fresh water from l'éternelle spring, at its source after a journey of more than 100m through a tunnel in the heart of the rock - falling asleep under the big shelter - regenerating under the starry sky - savouring pure food around the wild fire, feeling one's body and mind regenerate, are unforgettable and transformative experiences.

Celebrating life is already being grateful for what it offers us, for what we have, without thinking that having more can make us happier, it is the power of the gratituddeveloping one's gratitude to life is much more than the act of saying "thank you".

It is cultivating a feeling that serves an important biological purpose - many believe that gratitude is the greatest of virtues and this is being validated by science.

The link is established between the regular practice of gratitude and its positive effects on our health and self-confidence - feeling the energy of gratitude for just 15 minutes a day is enough for our immune system to start producing a protein called "immunoglobulin A", lowering the stress hormone cortisol, increasing well-being and mental health by allowing the release of positive neuro-mediators. thank life regularly, directing our attention to what makes us happy instead of directing it to what we lack

The more we thank life, the more positive life is towards us, the more we will have the opportunity to say thank you again and to improve it day by day.

"It is high time to rekindle the stars" means for the poet Guillaume Apollinaire to rekindle, night after night, "our inner stars that we had extinguished", to revive our power of imagination, creativity and positivity, of "light".

This is the name of one of la vallée éternelle's project dedicated to the return and celebration of fireflies, creatures capable of illuminating the night, creating small fires thanks to bioluminescence to attract their friends and companions, as we do here around the fire.

Fireflies are present in enchanted places, our childhood memories, and places where we have left chemical or light pollution in the past.

The firefly symbolizes light in the darkness, hope and the mystery and magic of life.

Positive impact

millions of protected wild bees
tonnes of C02 removed from the atmosphere
hectares of protected natural land
tons of pure oxygen created each year
hectares of protected old-growth forests
start ups
online friends
students, 7 universities
endangered species protected
million litres of pure spring water created each year
conferences - 13 countries
years of scientific exploration