be at peace

In us there is a sanctuary where we can go every day to find peace, calm and serenity.there is" a remedy capable of containing stress and anxiety, reducing migraines, increasing immunity, promoting sleep, protecting the heart, arteries and strengthening the brain

This remedy, validated by science today and ancestral, is meditation in the Wild.

Dr. F. Rosenfeld, psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Natural History Museum, Paris "Conserving the wilderness, but above all helping it to regain the places it has lost, means giving oneself the chance to find peace and regenerate one's body and mind, day after day."

After only 3 days spent in a forest our body and mind are strengthened, our ability to think freely, to become creative again, our stress level, immunity, blood pressure, return to normal - forests heal us and make us happier, and back in peace.

Inner peace is our new success 

The great shelter of la vallée éternelle is a sanctuary of physical and spiritual regeneration where meditation, yoga and Qi gong are practiced, known to prolong youth and bring peace.

Created about 5,000 years ago, this symbol called indalo recalls the microcosmic place of man in the Universe, the macrocosmic

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), study on meditation impact 2003

"Meditation relieves the body and mind by regulating the breathing rate and has an effect on the brain as powerful as an anti-stress medication"

The meditation dedicated to the vallée éternelle "to be the angel of one's own heritage " realized by Alessia Di Pietro & Emmanouela Semboglou makes it possible to recover some of the healing energy  of la Vallée Éternelle anywhere and at any time of the day.

We live in a world where energy, spirit and nature are part of the same reality. Over the millennia, we have known that the material world and the spiritual world are the same, that physics is complementary to metaphysics.

Under this small fire, one of our ancestors created what is today the oldest wild salmon engraving on the planet.

He engraved it in his home because it was so important, not only for his appearance but also to honor his life and perhaps to use the power of visualization.

The discoveries of quantum science show that life is not a conflict between matter and energy, life.

The universe, is made of one thing: energy - we are energetic beings with a physical body.

Einstein said that what really matters is not measurable and that what is measurable is often not very important. Indeed: a child doesn't grow to grow more inches, he grows to be happy. A civilization is not made with numbers but with dreams...

We don't need systemic change, we need a better perception of our world

We are optimistic because we know that by changing our perception, we will change the world...

By visualizing this new world alive and happy, we make it real.

Champions know this very well. Before the race, they visualize their victory, just as we can now visualize the success of our new living civilization.

Live simply

"One day, a man who had bought a lot of things, thinking it was the source of happiness, said to his friend, 'You see all I have?

His friend replied, "Yes, you have a lot of things, but I have something you'll never have - "That's impossible, I have everything, what more do you have?" - "Well," he said, "I have...". enough." La Vallée Éternelle is a small drop of water in the great blue, the Earth, but it has kept the keys to our natural intelligence, to our ability to dream and to transform ourselves, around a simple fire.
Paradise has always been there, now we need to accelerate the regeneration of life on Earth and rediscover the unlimited prosperity and happiness it provides by simply taking care of it.

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Positive impact

millions of protected wild bees
tonnes of C02 removed from the atmosphere
hectares of protected natural land
tons of pure oxygen created each year
hectares of protected old-growth forests
start ups
online friends
students, 7 universities
endangered species protected
million litres of pure spring water created each year
conferences - 13 countries
years of scientific exploration