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Albert Einstein knew that "looking into Nature was the key to understanding everything" - these keys exist in each of our cells, from those of plants, insects, birds, we all come from an adaptation on Earth and function according to natural laws.the experience of our ancestors shaped who we are and explains why we love trees but are afraid of red spiders: billions of years of knowledge and experience are inside us, in our instinct.we just need to connect to it to release our natural intelligence.

The experiences of our ancestors have shaped who we are and explain why we love trees but are afraid of red spiders: billions of years of knowledge and experience are inside us, in our instincts.

While the World is turned towards Artificial Intelligence, la vallée éternelle is the first sanctuary of Natural Intelligence ( N.I. ) in the World, where all types of Intelligence come together and collaborate naturally.

The more we distance ourselves from Nature, the weaker we become.

This is one of the most important scientific confirmations of recent years in the field of biology (Joël de Rosnay, MIT, Institut Pasteur). Epigenetics has opened a new era of this understanding: the moment we change our perception and our environment is the moment when we begin to rewrite the chemistry of our body and mind.  Science today demonstrates what we know from experience: the more we live in harmony with Nature, the stronger we become.

Artificial intelligence could soon be a billion times "smarter" than we are. Created by us, it learns from us, inspired by our world. It is essential to transmit to it the values of a civilization based on life and happiness so that it can be inspired by them. For our safety, we must teach these new "children" as well as our own children, kindness, compassion, happiness and natural intelligence.

GOOGLE X is a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people.

"for our safety we must teach these new 'children' kindness, compassion, happiness and be in symbiosis with life - Mo Gawdat train Chief Business Officer Google X

Stefano Mancuso, founder of plant neurobiology has demonstrated that, like all living beings, plants and trees discern shapes and colors, memorize data, communicate - they have a personality and develop a social life based on mutual aid and exchange.

The solution is simple - we must, restore bio diversity and regenerate at least 30% of the Wilderness on Earth to be happy again.

If we think we are the most intelligent species, then we must use our creativity today to create a global symbiosis with Nature. This is what ants do every day, already for 170 million years.

We also have the power to heal ourselves, it is the magic of life and another characteristic of natural intelligence.

Without doing anything, our body rebuilds itself in less than 2 years, 98% in less than a year. Our body and mind are constantly learning from their experiences, building their immunity through difficulties, to lead us to a better version of ourselves. At night, while we sleep, billions of beings regenerate the Earth, trees remove CO2 from the air, mushrooms regenerate forests - this can only last if the system is positive for life, i.e. if it uses less matter and energy than it needs to regenerate itself.

By regenerating 30% of the Earth, the lack of food resources and financial inequalities will no longer be part of our problems. When clean water, air, free organic food and Nature surrounds us, we become rich.

Natural technologies are billions of years ahead of today's technologies - bio-inspiration and biomimicry are already inspired by Nature, but the key is to let Nature do what it does best: innovate, manufacture, use and recycle, endlessly, and let us invent a better world, the highest and most precious form of freedom we can have.

Our new adventure is simply to "rediscover" our planet, giving plants and animals the time and space they need to regenerate.

In less than 10 years, if we stop intensive fishing, the oceans will regenerate, if we accelerate the development of regenerative organic agriculture, we will restore the health of our soils, our own and our climate. Healthy soil absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than conventional methods.

Modern intelligence understands that the Conservation of Nature has a financial and human value infinitely superior to its exploitation and that it is the only solution for our happiness.

Nature is an incredible wonder that inspires us - it is the basis of our economy, our society, our very existence - the forests, rivers, oceans and soils provide us with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water with which we irrigate our crops, etc.. . these "services" are now called the world's "natural capital" and are phenomenal, infinitely more powerful than today's economy, of the order of $300 trillion, 3 times the total of today's global economy, capable of creating more than 4 billion new jobs by 2030.

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